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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I have words on the wall!

Courtney regifted me at Christmas with words for my wall. (A big thank you to Enid, who gave them to her first.) After she put them up, there was a big empty space above them, so I started searching the house for a picture. The next day, a Coleman family picture came in the mail, and Jenny was even wearing the right color! How's that for a happy Co Inky Dink?After I took my Christmas stuff down, I tried to do something different with my mantel. I need another something in the mail, as you can see. While I was taking photos of my words on the wall, I decided to reveal just how crazy and out of balance my life is. I am totally obsessed with scrapbooking. I really scrapbook every day. I may just walk by my desk and rearrange something or take a second look at what I did yesterday and that might take 30 seconds, but I do something. I recently gave two boxes of supplies to someone at work, including a lot of paper, so this is better than it has been.Here are a few of my scrapbooks. I have been doing this for ten years, but really, this is crazy. I haven't counted lately, but the last time I did count, it was over 50. I don't know what I would do without my 10 (almost 11) grandchildren. Some of them might not recognize me without a camera in front of my face. Most of these books are theirs. M is the winner for the most, he has seven. I don't know why.
There is my little boom box, where I listen to Enya, or Van (Cliburn) or books on tape while I scrapbook. I really don't like for my husband to come in a talk to me while I am listening to a book, but he does anyway. I like for him to go to work and take his lunch and come home at six. I will scrapbook a photo of him while he is gone.There are some more little ones in the den in baskets. C and Z and I looked at that blue one in the middle last night. They were almost as excited as me to see our family reunion photos again. My favorite grandchild is the one who will look a scrapbooks with me. Some of them don't think they are cool at this time in their life. Oh, and there is another basket of scrapbooks under the photo board.
I was tired of my dust catchers I had on this table, so I put some scrapbooking on it.
These are Christmas decorations. I'm not even going to show you the scrapbook pages hanging on the wall in the hall.
This is the latest one. I just finished it. I am almost out of photos again.


Camezi said...

Mom, you have a problem. Nevermind how much I have been knitting or how many times I've seen all of the Lost episodes.

Wendy said...

At least your hobby is productive. Not too crazy like those reborns - creepy.

Seven Danforth's said...

I love your new words Ms.Elayne. I so glad she ask and you found a great wall to have them, I love your scrapbook space, I can be your fourth daughter!!

Finding Joy in Him said...

I love that you are decorating with scrapbooks. It's very fitting.. I am sure there are scrapbooker houses that are worse than yours.