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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Channel Islands National Park

We are home from a week in Los Angeles and still have not unpacked or gone to the grocery store. We had a wonderful time and I will just post one quick photo of us on in the Channel Islands before I start my chores this morning.

Channel Islands National Park consists of five of the eight Channel Islands that span 160 miles off the coast of southern California. We discovered many people who live here have never heard of the Channel Islands even though one of them is Catalina Island.(Catalina is commercialized and not part of the national park) A one hour ocean trip is required to get there and it is one of the least visited of all of America’s national parks. Here is their website if you want to learn more. They have a web cam and you can watch the first baby bald eagle to be born there for many years.


Wendy said...

old and bored. Must be wonderful!

Finding Joy in Him said...

So, how do you describe where you were standing? Joel says you can't call it the beach because there's no sand.