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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Gift

The peas (from my favorite scrapbooking message board) have been posting their homemade "clip it up" scrapbooking storage product this week and I was envying them so I e-mailed the thread to Basil and he made his version for me for $0. It was made with a heavy duty clothes hanger, some cup hooks and some little clips that I had laying around in the junk drawer.
Here is the original version, which costs $60 and takes up a lot of room on the table. I think this is much better and gets some of my embellishments out of drawers and baskets out where I can see them and use them.
So here I sit on Valentines Day listening to Best Hits of the Sixties (think "The Lion Sleeps Tonight) and scrapbooking with my new Cosmo Cricket 9,000 piece kit from QVC.
Thanks, Honey!


Camezi said...

very clever

Bhun said...

Just wonderful and creative on his part. You are very blessed lady to have such a wonderful man in life. Happy Valentines Day.
Hugs and Kisses
PS I used to be able to check Courtneys, Wendys and Jenns blogs from you page but now I can't. Maybe you will put it back up again :")

Theresa said...

How sweet of him

Penny said...

Wow, what a great idea. I have lots of room under my shelves and no counter space (that I want to spare, anyways).

Camezi said...

MOM! Please post your theories on Lost. Specifically how did Kate get Aaron!