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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Grandsons and Grandfathers

I have to admit, I am a little jealous because Basil is such a popular grandfather. All the boys think he can do anything and knows everything. He finds the most fascinating "Guy Stuff" to show them and they love it. Last night, Z and C were here and he found all kinds of magnets to play with. He went into the garage and found a tiny magnetic dog and showed Z how to make him spin. He also showed him how a compass works and they played with pieces of old speakers, magnetic balls and paper clips. I have to admit at times like this, his pack rat habit really pays off and he really does know where everything is.

Z caught a cold from his little brother. He can blow his nose all by himself and throws the tissue in the garbage. (If you catch a cold from a won't be very sick, right?) Before I had kids, I really thought that. Turns out viruses don't know if you are a baby or a grown up!

C knew right away what to do with the magnet. Looks like he may be a ENT specialist when he grows up...he already knows how to do a tonsillectomy. He also helped feed the cat. I'm pretty sure all my grandchildren know how cat food tastes and they like it. Their favorite flavor is the "Digestive Care" by Iams. Yes, Kitty has a sensitive stomach. I know you don't want to hear about that so I will refrain. I didn't get any pictures of C with Kitty last night. I was too busy trying to make sure the "sweet cat" didn't take a hunk out of him like he loves to do to me. He is definitely Basil's cat and never attacks him, but goes after me almost daily. We have had several cats during our marriage. The sweet ones like me best. The mean ones like him. I could say more about that, but I think I will leave the subject there. I couldn't find any pictures of Kitty. I know have have some, but they are lost in the vast ocean of "My Pictures". I did find this scrapbook page...he looks sweet, doesn't he?


Camezi said...

This one really made me laugh...and I really needed a good laugh today. Sounds like Wendy can just send the kids to your house and Dad will home school them. I'm jealous. Iz doesn't know how to do anything but make me crazy. This week he dumped about 7 games and 7 puzzle on the floor and mixed it all up. 2 of the puzzles had 1000 pieces each. One had 500. I haven't gotten it all straightened out. They look too similar. I actually didn't freak out about that. It's more when I've beaten him 10 times for getting out of bed and he comes back for more. I'm starting to think he doesn't feel pain on his backside. I need to get me some rope.

Wendy said...

Thank you so much for keeping the boys. It looks like they had a lot of fun. I sure had fun reading about it, though, I couldn't see the scrapbooking page.