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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas at the River

We took a couple of grandchildren to the river walk tonight. It was our first time to walk during Christmas,and it is so much nicer to walk than drive through. We even saw a Great Blue Heron! He was gorgeous. The ducks were in fine form,too. I love our river. I think it is the nicest one in much nicer than that one south of us! You can find something different to do down there every day.

Go about 5:30, before it gets too dark and cold and you will be amazed! There are lots of people walking at that time and not many cars.

Twelve drummers drumming here.
Everything looks so much different and more dramatic at the river night.
I saw things I had never noticed before. And the skaters stay until after dark,too! Shhh...I'm not sure this is legal.

Yesterday, I took these boys to the park. I had on some pants that didn't have pockets so I put my keys in a handy place that ladies have while we were playing. When it was time to go home, I couldn't find them. My search for them was not a pretty picture. I hope no one was looking.I was pretty scared, with no phone and two babies. After looking around the park on the ground, I decided to go ahead to the car and see if I had locked them inside. They were not inside, but they were under the car by the back seat. I think my angels were doing a good job. Thank you.


Wendy said...

This is the first I've heard about you losing your keys with my babies at the park!! You've been fired once, woman. You better watch out!

Camezi said...

You make me want to walk the river this year!

Savannah said...

I just love Wendy's comments to everything-so playful. Oh and I love all your stories and pictures. Keep them coming. XOXOX