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Friday, April 22, 2016

Mo Ranch Manor House Suite with Monterey Furniture

I am out of pictures to scrapbook, so I am entertaining myself by sharing some of my Mo Ranch pics. Staying in the VIP suite (and the great food) was really my favorite part of the Photography Workshop.

The  Manor House was built in 1928. It was the original owner's home and he blasted rocks out of the mountain for it. 

We were assigned to stay here because there was a bat in the room where we were supposed to be. There are large groups staying in the main house, but the suite is only for VIPs. The Presbyterian Ladies were here this weekend with us.

Turn left before the pool to enter the suite.

The suite is on the second floor and we found out later they were worried about us old people having to climb the stairs.

There is also a third story.

We found out the reason no one stays here is the very valuable Monterey  furniture.

It is very desired right now by Californians who are restoring the old Rancho homes. Those lamps are $450 each on ebay. The bed is larger than a king...they had to have sheets special made. (not sure what happened to the bedspread)

Monterey furniture incorporated distressed wood, handpainted decorations and forged iron. They also liked pottery and tile in vivd colors. Couch: $3950

Just the mirror $650.

You can buy this Chandelier for $3650 and I saw a similar table with 6 chairs for $2950.


I found this at sunrise.... a Guadalupe river view.

There are 4 twin beds and several more pieces in this round third story room with 8 windows.
Desk: $1195
The other side of the third story room.

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