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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Palo Duro Canyon

We took a little trip to Canyon, Tx, for our 46th anniversary in April.

This is one of the most famous formations, the lighthouse.
The first morning, the temp was 28.
Our cabin was 5 minute walk from the BR.

The first night, we found that to be a challenge.
I learned not to drink after lunch.

My dinky little camera does nice panoramas.
Brisket, Gravy and Buscuit
The Longhorns are named

There are several low water crossings and we heard lots of stories about campers getting stranded during floods and boys trying to float rafts during them.

A famous mountain biker
At 28 dgrees there were not many flowers.
as it began to warm up,

we saw more flowers every day.

  Dugouts were a common shelter on the Texas plains and prairies.

Good hiking trails
I stayed behind on this one.

Spanish Skirts

False Cave

The view at the first overlook in bright light

and at sunset.

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