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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hilton Head

I have heard about Hilton Head all my life and wanted to visit, but I was really surprised when we arrived because it is more like a city than a beach community. There is not really a lot to do there unless you play golf or just like to hang out on the beach all day. We walked across the street every morning and evening for sunrise and sunset, but other than that we had to find most of our entertainment off the island.

The sunsets and rises were beautiful, though.

We had a condo for 3 days so one of us took a nap every day and one of us did  laundry.

This is one of my favorites, but not mine. I was shooting it and my husband saw me and took a better one than me.

Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina

This is a gated community off the island that someone recommended we visit. They left the ruins of the plantation.

The chapel is a popular place for weddings.

The May River

The community is pristine and all the homes are "southern style".

We found a place to eat!

We went to Savannah, Georgia, the next day and  I was impressed with the bridge.

We took a trolley tour because we didn't know what to do there. I'm glad we did. We couldn't take pictures on the trolley but the streets are very narrow and the traffic was bad. It was Saturday and the homecoming game for the college.

Savannah is full of these little squares and a lot of them have fountains.

We did manage a picture of the gold top of the courthouse. This is pretty common in the south, too.

We did find one place on the island to hike.

We also saw an osprey and an alligator in here,too.

The trail

Butterfly Garden

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Wendy said...

Beautiful!! I hope one day when I'm old, I'll be able to visit pretty places. ;)