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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is There a Contest

for the most photographed kids in history? If so, these may be the winners.

We are finding lots of empty spaces to occupy since the decluttering took place.

J can sit up

and he wants to crawl. He can scoot backwards.

C says he is a hibernating fox.
Z said," I am a skunk". He did not hibernate, but waited until Mr. Fox woke up and you can guess what he did to him. Whew...scrapbook room had to be vacated.
(As it turns out, foxes don't hibernate.I guess we better read that book again.)

B brought pillow and blanket when it was his turn.

Today, it's all about snow.

J  has a crazy bracelet in his hands, but he stopped playing with it when the music started and begin clapping.

Add singing to that and we have a multi-tasking baby.
  (For all you with panty wad tendencies, I know a crazy bracelet is a choking hazard, and it was gone from the baby toy box as soon as photo op was over.)