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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Goose Lake

Last year when we visited Jenny in Alabama, I called her lake Jenny's Lake, but I'm renaming it Goose Lake.
There are so many more geese here than last year least 25 or 30 and 4 little white ducks.
There is a lot of Queen Anne's Lace all around the lake. After I got back from my little walk, Jenny told me there are snakes out here,too.
You can see some houses with blue tarps all over her neighborhood where roofs were damaged in the tornado.
One of her neighbors has a very nice garden. They have 3 little terraces like this one.
I enjoy seeing the geese get in formation, especially when they fly over her house every morning and evening. I wonder where they are going.
(It's really challenging editing photos and blogging on a notebook.)
But these are Mac people in this house and I am scared of them.
I know I have this one twice, but I can't delete it! Well, it's a nice photo, maybe you wanted to see it twice.