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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Surprise! More pictures of my grandchildren

We have two birthdays this week and I love to celebrate birthdays...I think because my mother always made a big deal of birthdays and I felt special when she did that. Wednesday, Papa and I took the boys to a fish store to see the big tanks of fish. It was dark in there and my pictures were bad, but it was a nice store...I was surprised to find so many exotic fish in a store in our small town. We were there at feeding time and the store owner told us about some of the fish. Then we went across the street to Eggemyers and I showed them the car I like. I think it belongs to Mr. Eggemyer. It is parked next to his store a lot. DH found a similiar car on line for $30,000. He offered to go to Burnet and buy it for me. It was gold, though so I was not even tempted.
There are always fun things to do in Eggemyers.

Thursday was B's real 2nd birthday so we made cupcakes and he practiced blowing out candles for his real party which is on Sunday. Everyone liked the icing best.

When you are the big brother, you have to muli-task.

Tuesday we went to Wall to get some pictures of the "Perigree moon". It was too cloudy, but DH found an old house.


Finding Joy in Him said...

Beautiful grandkids. Great sunset. Love the car. Will he have it painted for you? I am not real fond of gold either.

Camezi said...

Wow. Beautiful sunset picture. I forgot Ben's birthday. Don't tell Wendy. I guess she knows, though. I'm not a very good aunt.