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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Even more family stuff

Daughter #2 came to bring 2 of my grandchildren to stay for a few days while she and her husband had a weekend in Santa Fe. You can read about their trip on her blog:

They stayed to help daughter #3 paint her new house and start some moving. Their dad took a break and took the "big boys" to the skate park. Papa brought theses photos back. He was very impressed with their skills.
Daughter #3's new house.She may have got a little paint on her face as well as the rest of her body while painting the ceilings.It was 108 here while the grandchildren were here. That calls for a wading pool. Let's splash the photographer!


Camezi said...

Thank you so much. I'm glad they were good. Next year you get all of them for a couple of weeks! Stay healthy! :)

Wendy said...

I'm so thankful for all your babysitting. The kids love going to your house and not just to see little bear.

Jomama said...

This comment is about your National park album but I wanted to leave it some place recent so you'd see it. :)

I love your idea. I just returned from the Smokies with a serious love affair for Roaring Forks. :) I have almost the same picture - but you captured more fence - I"m jealous! ;)

I'm so inspired to get started doing one also.
Thanks and good luck with your album.

Jomama said...

ooh - also - how did you put that visitor's map on your blog? LOVE that!

Jomama said...

I'd love to show you some of my shots. :) Do you want me to post them on 2 Peas? I'm pretty new to this blogging stuff so not sure how to do it here. :)

I can upload them to my blog.

Jomama said...

Also, on your national park pages - what size picture are you mounting on the top?

oh - I uploaded to my blog some smoky pics...