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Monday, May 25, 2009

Old Town San Angelo

I didn't know we had such a thing, but we do! Here are some photos of my daughter and her family while we were walking near the around "Old Town" and by the river Friday."Old Town" is a few restored historic homes across the street from the museum. There is some offices, a quilting store and another fabric store in the homes,but they weren't open.

Downtown San Angelo was very quiet with a lot of meetings going on. The news of the day: Our mayor fled to Mexico with his partner and resigned less than a week after being re-elected by 90% of the vote! He said he made the decision to take this step because his partner was illegal.

A link to San Angelo attractions:
We have had a little rain lately, so everything looked beautiful and green.
They left Texas in June 2003, but I think they still claim to be Texans! The Arts Museum

They had not seen our "new church" which is also on the river, so we had a little tour of Freedom Fellowship and Whole Person Counseling aka "Papa's office".
More photos of Papa's office here:

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