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Saturday, April 4, 2009

More of Granny activities

Took E home yesterday after he spent a few days helping with the new baby. I finally got to meet the newest member of his family: Boomer. He is a very sweet dog. We brought the biggest brother of the new baby with us to spend a few hours with his cousin. They really enjoy playing together now. We are grateful for a safe trip and seeing our family again. (And DVD players for cars and lots of McDonald's between here and there!)

It was blowing lots of dust up there in the panhandle and we are awaiting reports from the 2 boy scouts and their dad about their camping trip to Caprock Canyons.


Camezi said...

They left early. There was a lot of wind and it ripped the tent. They were home by 5. M felt very strongly that the Lord was telling him that they needed to leave.

Finding Joy in Him said...

Your dog looks like the perfect size.


Camezi said...

mom, I really love that picture of E. I would like a 5x7. I still haven't gotten A to show me how to access my pictures. I haven't been much of a photographer lately, either.

CoveredInCrafts said...

LOL! The picture of htem pretending to drive is so cute!!!!