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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our Visit to Jenny in Alabama

The Colemans took us to a beautiful state park and Talladega National Forest about 2 hours from their home. The drive was beautiful and even though it was raining off and on all day, we were able to go on this hike to a water fall. They hope to go camping there later.

The Colemans
Our Sweet Jenny
The waterfall
Jenny's house

Jenny wanted to put some of her dad's photography on her walls, and she choose some scenes from the Texas hill country. We helped her get them framed while we were there.
Jenny and her favorite photographer
She made a beautiful quilt that has all the members of her family represented in it and hung it over the piano in the living room. She is very talented at designing and quilting. Did I mention she won the homemaking award in high school?
The kids playing basketball in the backyard. I should have taken a picture of grandson #2 on his computer. You can always find him there.
On Sunday, we went to church. Mike is on the worship team and grandson #2 does the soundboard. My granddaughter is making these beautiful spring flowers in front look even better.


Camezi said...

Thanks for showing the pictures, Mom.

Wendy said...

Great pictures, but who were all those adults?

kablot spot said...

I am shocked how huge those kids are! One of them looks like an adult. Man, never ceases to amaze me how old I am getting. (This is Shannon)