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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Our Weekend with Courtney and her family

Courtney and her family came to visit this weekend. I planned to have an early Thanksgiving on Saturday but I set the oven on fire trying to cook a turkey. I think I forgot to put holes in the turkey bag and the juice leaked out on the bottom of the oven. It was only a small fire, though and I got my oven cleaned by M the next day. The turkey didn't get done in time for supper but we had it on Sunday. I had lots of help in the kitchen this weekend. E cleaned all my cabinets with Murphy's Oil and the refrigerator police,aka, Allister checked my expiration dates and threw away 5 jars of mayonnaise. He even found another expired jar in my pantry, never opened. I don't pay much attention to expiration dates. To me, they just mean the company wants me to buy something new, but I do see how old mayonnaise could cause a problem and I am glad to have it all out of the fridge. I never use it anyway, I only use fat free mayonnaise: one of my many attempts to convince myself I am trying to cook and eat healthy. Allister has also checked the expiration dates on the medications in my bathroom in the past. He found some real treasures in there... some stuff that had expired before he was born. Be prepared for his favorite question if he ever comes to visit you: "How long has this stuff been in here?"


Camezi said...

Did you notice that I re-oiled the cabinets before I left? I'm so OC.

Wendy said...

Next time the come, they are staying with me. My house could use some deep cleaning.